Island Life on Roatan, Honduras

Penny first visited the Island of Roatan in 2000 & knew within days, this was where she wanted to enjoy the rest of her life. It took 3 trips to investigate & explore, then buy a little house in 2004.

After a year liquidating her Colorado gift shop & many home garage sales & donations to shed a rural, mountain, winter lifestyle, she moved to tropical Roatan in March 2005.

Penny's house in West Bay, Roatan

Since Penny’s dogs were too large to fly, she caravanned a nineteen foot cargo van, trailer, forty five foot container, dune buggy, her rescue family of three 155 lb. dogs and two very large cats from Colorado to Florida and there boarded a banana boat freighter, which promptly broke down. The nine day journey took five weeks and completely wiped out her entire one year emergency fund.

Aside from starting a couple of businesses, Penny brought the first live theatre to Roatan, a Murder Mystery Musical Comedy: “Cafe Noir.”

Because of an urgent need, Penny founded Roatan Renegade Rescue (RRR) to help save the lives of homeless street animals. Many have been adopted after medical treatment and some have even been taken to the USA for a new beginning with animal loving island visitors.

Regrets? Sure, one Big one:  That she didn’t stumble upon Roatan years ago! She has never been happier!