The Garifuna Bracelet Project was created by Penelope’s Island Emporium in 2005. Each design is one of a kind.

The original islanders of Roatan are the Garifuna, living much the same as they have for 250 years. These people originated from the Caribe Indians, Mayans & Arawak. As African slaves escaped by jumping ship & swimming to the safety of Roatan’s shores, they intermarried & formed this unique blend of cultures on the East end of the island.

Today, many Garifuna women are unemployed single women. Penelope’s started this project to teach these women how to make bracelets from safety pins, a variety of shell, crystal, wood and glass beads & industrial elastic. They are able to make these bracelets at home while caring for their children & sell them at their Cultural Center, Yubu & Penelope’s Island Emporium. The Garifuna women take pride in their newly learned craft & now can better support themselves.

$28.00 USD with FREE shipping