One of Penelope’s best sellers, the perfect island gift, rich in the island’s history.

Premium blended rum, bottled on Roatan, from Grog recipes of the 1740’s.

In the 18th century, Roatan was a stronghold for Pirates, and at one point this beautiful island housed 5,000 Privateers and Buccaneers. It seemed a good idea to bottle a Premium Blend Rum in this location and make Roatan the stronghold again for this new found treasure. Following the footsteps of the Pirates, the present day rum makers roamed the Caribbean and Central America to select the best rums to make this Premium Blend.

The name “Grog” comes from Admiral Edward Vernon who was nicknamed “Old Grog” in 1740.

To learn more about “Pirate’s Grog,” the first cocktail ever made and Admiral Vernon go to: